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Florida Family Photographer’s Favorite Locations for Photos

October 19, 2021

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Being a Florida Family Photographer, I have been asked relentlessly to divulge my Florida Family Photographer’s Favorite Locations for Photos. Finally, I put together a list of my all-time, favorite spots!

As a Florida girl, it is no secret where my favorite spot to capture family pictures is! The beach is my safe space and just so happens to make the perfect backdrop for family photography session! However, sometimes it just does not match the style and feel you are going for!


So the question still stands: how do you find the perfect location for you and your family?

Here are a few of my favorite spots around the Jacksonville, Florida area!

Favorite Location #1: ATLANTIC BEACH

Atlantic Beach has the most perfect lighting at sunset! Surprisingly, there isn’t much traffic which is always a plus! I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand sitting in my car at a standstill!

The best part of this location has got to be the walkways out to the sandy shore. There is just something about the calmness you feel when walking on them!

Florida Family Photographer's Favorite Locations for Photos

Favorite Location #2: DRIFTWOOD BEACH

Driftwood Beach is GORGEOUS! If you have never been, you NEED to make it a priority! Oh and while you’re there, you should get family photos done!

Honestly, there are black rocks and huge driftwood trees right on the beach! The natural scenery gives so much more depth to your photos!

Family Pictures at Driftwood Beach in Florida

Favorite Location #3: DOWNTOWN ST. AUGUSTINE

St Augustine, the oldest city in the United States of America, has a little bit of it all! The streets are lined with old Spanish architecture amongst the cobblestone streets!

With every corner you turn, you are met with something new and exciting! Each building is a different color, the light finds its way through the structures perfectly!

Plus, if you decide that you want some of your photos to have the city feel and the others to have a bit of the ocean, you can! St. Augustine Beach is only 15 minutes away!

Family Photos in St. Augustine Florida


Although you can find amazing parks nearly anywhere you go, I find local Jacksonville parks to be my go-to, and for good reason!

I typically try to find parks that have open sky and water! Not only does this help create a bright look, but it also allows for some greenery at your session!

Little Boy Photo at park in Jacksonville, Florida

So there you have it! A Flordia Family Photographer’s Favorite Locations for Photos!

One thing I always try to remind myself is that there are so many other gorgeous locations! It is easy to get stuck shooting at the same locations because they are familiar to you! However, don’t forget to branch out occasionally and try something new! Just don’t forget that the most important thing is to match the location with your style and mood!

I’m always here to help brainstorm locations as well! BOOK A SPOT WITH ME!

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