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Spring Family Photography Workshop

April 3, 2022

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Let's chat about how we can capture the genuine moments with your family!

We cover so much!

Lauren Haddow and I took 10 photographers to Inlet Beach for our Spring Family Photography Workshop! We covered everything they needed to know about how to have the perfect family session to capture genuine, candid moments. Including how to provide the best client experience so our families continue to come back to us. How to market to our ideal clients and the best practices to reach them so we continue to stay booked.

But most importantly, how to pose and implement games and prompts into our session so we can create authentic moments.

The Best Part of the Workshop….

This workshop isn’t just about sitting in a classroom and learning! We then went to the beach and had two guided sessions. This is where we had real families show up for us to pose and prompt!

Each photographer had a turn to pose and implement a prompt or game! Lauren and I were next to them the entire time in case they needed help or if we needed to show them how to rearrange the family for better composition. This is so they have hands on help while they are implementing everything they learned from the classroom training!

The images from these guided sessions are stunning! Just take a look below!

Taken by Hueit Photography

Where to next?

Our spring family workshop was such a success that we have decided to host another workshop in the Fall! This time we will be hanging up our beach towels and heading to the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. At the workshop you will leave with a ton of knowledge about family sessions, beautiful work for your portfolio, and a community of photographers! Not to mention lodging and food is included cause you know I’m bringing the tacos!

We are only accepting 10 photographers so don’t miss this opportunity! Want more information? Check out everything we will cover and all that’s included, check it out!

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  1. […] We will be hosting two family workshops in 2023! The dates haven’t been released yet but we are only accepting 10 photographers so don’t miss this opportunity! Wanna know first? Join our waitlist and learn more about the workshops, check it out! Want to check out more family workshops? Check out our Spring 2022 Workshop in 30A! […]

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