6 Easy Tips for a Successful Cake Smash Session

May 10, 2021

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Our babies grow up way too fast. I mean, it seems as though you blink, and they are already one year old! There is one thing that makes their first birthday not so sad! What is it you ask? A cake smash!

If you don’t know what a cake smash is, it is as simple as it sounds! A cake smash is when a baby, usually a one-year-old, eats a cake with their hands while a photographer captures the moment. Although they get pretty messy, it is the perfect way to capture one whole year with your little love.

Now that we know what a cake smash is, let me tell you my top tips for a cake smash session!

Baby boy wearing blue eating a blue and white cake on the beach.

Ashley Tip #1: Prep Your Baby Before

I always recommend letting your little one play with a cupcake or muffin before the session. Don’t forget to make sure it has plenty of frosting! Letting them practice beforehand allows them to explore the texture before the real thing!

If I could tell you one thing, it would be to not let the session be the first time they are experiencing a cake or something like it!

Check out my previous blog post for other ways to prep your baby!

Ashley Tip #2: Relax!

This is supposed to be a fun thing, so relax! They may want to explore, and that is okay! The best pictures come from their little explorations. So try to focus on how precious they look with cake all over their face and chubby hands!

Ashley Tip #3: Make Sure You Book with Time

Some kids take longer than others to warm up to the idea of touching the cake in front of them! Because we do not know how your baby is going to react, it is important to book your session with plenty of time! In this situation, wiggle room is important!

Baby girl wearing a pink dress and a pink flower headband is sitting next to a pink cake with flowers on the beach.

Ashley Tip #4: Be Encouraging

Make sure to be encouraging! Everyone loves to receive praise, and babies are no different! While you are telling them how great they are doing, I usually suggest giving them a taste of the cake off of your finger! This allows them to be more comfortable around it!

Ashley Tip #5: Bring Their Favorite Snacks

Making sure your baby has a sense of familiarity will be an absolute game changer! An easy way of doing this is by bringing their favorite snacks! A lot of my mamas bring goldfish for their little ones!

Guess what?! If your baby really isn’t interested in the cake, we can hide the little snacks in there!

Ashley Tip #6: Hire a Professional Baker

Hire a professional baker! I wish I could scream this tip from the rooftops! Mama, I do not doubt that you are a phenomenal baker! However, let’s save you the stress of it all! Most bakers are familiar with cake smashes and will be able to create a cake perfect for you and your baby.

Ashley Tip #6: Make Sure You are Prepared

I am sure you are used to it by now, but I am here to remind you! Make sure you have some water for your little one! After consuming all of that cake, they get thirsty!

Clean towels and extra clothes are also super important! After this session, they are going to be MESSY! If you remember one thing, let it be this tip!

Baby boy playing with blue cake that has been placed next to him. The cake has a decoration on the top that says one. The baby and the cake are on the beach.

I hope you found these 6 easy tips helpful! At the end of the day, this cake smash session should be such a special and fun memory for you to look back on. Babies grow up so fast, and this is an amazing way to capture them growing and experiencing new things. Try to relax and focus on your little one!

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