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What to Bring to Your Family Beach Session

June 11, 2021

Tips for moms for your next session
Prepping your kids for your session
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Everyone loves getting their family’s pictures taken on the beach and for good reason! You just can’t beat the contrast of the blue water with the white sand! Without a doubt, it is a recipe for perfection!

As with everything in life, being prepared is important! For this reason, I have made a list of my top five things you need to bring to your family beach session!

Fun family session in St. Augustine, FL

Ashley Tip #1: Bring Plenty of Water and Snacks!

If you are a parent, then you know your kiddos need their snacks! Bringing their favorite snack with you, not only keeps them motivated, but it will also keep them happy! I don’t know about you, but I am all about happy kids!

Drinking water is equally important! If you’re scheduling a beach session, they you are somewhere with hot weather! Make sure you have enough water for your family! The last thing we want is one of you getting dehydrated!

Ashley Tip #2: Throw Some Towels in the Car

Getting wet isn’t always the plan during these sessions, but it comes with the territory! I am pretty sure there is nothing kids love more than finding their way to the water! That is why I want you to come prepared!

Ashley Tip #3: Make Sure You Have a Change of Clothes

As I mentioned above, your little ones will be drawn to the water! Letting them be kids and explore makes for the best pictures! However, having to pack them up dripping wet afterward isn’t very fun! Bring them some extra clothes so you don’t have to!

Family pregnancy announcement in Atlantic Beach, FL

Ashley Tip #4: Pack a Bottle of Baby Powder

Sandy feet can easily be one of the most annoying things ever, and it seems impossible to wipe off! Luckily for you, I am about to blow your mind!

After shooting quite a few session, I finally came across a hack that works: baby powder! Simply pour it on your feet and the sand brushes off easily! I 100% recommend throwing some in your bag before your session!

This is my favorite baby powder, and it is safe for not only your skin but also the environment!

Ashley Tip #5: Don’t Forget Your Sense of Adventure

This may be my very favorite tip ever! Photographers are stocked to the brim with different poses we can put you in! But when I tell you that the best pictures come from your family’s little explorations, I mean it! Loosen up and let your sense of adventure shine through!

If your little ones start looking for shells, help them find the biggest one!

As they run towards the water, playfully chase after them!

When your significant other feels like spinning you around, get ready to get dizzy!

All I am trying to say is to have fun! I promise the most adventurous moments will turn into the most precious pictures!

Family beach session in Jacksonville Beach, Fl.

As you prepare for your next family beach session, I hope that these tips will help you feel ready! Bringing these five things is going to ensure that this is such a fun an memorable experience for your family!

If you still worrying about your session, check out my previous blog post with some more ways to prepare!

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