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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Beach Family Pictures

July 8, 2021

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One of the #1 questions I get is why you should get beach family pictures. At first, I was confused because I am a sucker for the beach! However, I have realized that a lot of people don’t know all of the pros that the beach entails! So let’s talk about why to get your pictures taken at the beach in Virginia Beach, VA!

There is a family on the beach. The husband and wife are holding hands walking towards the water. Their brown dog is running towards the ocean.

Reason #1: Gorgeous Lighting

If you haven’t seen the skies at the beach, don’t worry! Let me describe them to you!

Have you have been to a carnival and your kids beg you for a bag of cotton candy?! After CONSTANT begging, you finally give in! Your kiddo opens up the plastic bag to find a beautiful combination of baby blue and bubblegum pink! Take that image and throw it into the sky! Voila! You have the sky at the beach!

Without a doubt, it is a stunning backdrop without a lot of distractions so we can focus on what really matters- you and your family!

Reason #2: Fun Adventures

Basically, kids love to explore the beach!

During sessions, we get in the water look for dolphins, play pretend, and hunt for seashells! Each of these activities makes for PERFECT pictures!

There is also so much room for them to explore freely!

Reason #3: Happiness and Smiles

I have been thinking, and I don’t think there is anyone that isn’t happy at the beach!

There is just something about the beach that makes it impossible to be unhappy! I like to say that there are never any frowns at the beach! Originally, it started out as a joke, but I am learning that it is a fact!

A family is on the beach. The mom is wearing a white flowy dress and is twirling her daughter who is wearing a pink dress. They are standing in front of the ocean.

Living in Florida, we are so lucky to have beaches surrounding us! Each one brings a unique look to your family pictures!

So what do you think? Have a been able to convince you to get your next set of family pictures on the beach?

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