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Why You Should Print Your Pictures

July 27, 2021

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Take a minute and ask yourself, when is the last time you decided to print your pictures?!

This has always been an important thing for me!

I mean, I still remember hearing the click of my old film camera taking its last picture! When that happened, I knew I would need to take it to get the film developed.

I, without a doubt, would spend hours looking through each picture of all my family and friends. Once I had a chance to look through them all, I would hang them on my bulletin board in my bedroom.

Family of four getting their family pictures taken on a beach near Jacksonville, Florida.
Family Pictures on Jacksonville Beach, Flordia

It is so different now! We live in a world where we store pictures on our phones and digital albums

I guarantee that you have thousands of pictures saved, but you won’t ever make it around to printing any of them! As they sit collecting digital dust, we end up disconnecting from each and every one of them!

When you print your images, those moments come back to life! As you hang them in your home, you will be reminded of that season of life. They allow our children to relive that moment for years to come!

As a family photographer, my advice to you is this:

Please print the pictures! They should not be a thing of the past!

I plead with you to make it a priority so that it is not put on the back burner!

Just think about how often we spend saying, “one day when I have time!” I truly do not think time will ever have time so we have to make it!

The frames in our home should not be empty! We need to value the importance of printed, framed, and mounted family moments! Not only will it benefit us, but it will benefit our generations to come.

Want to hear a bonus?! Our children love to see these images around the house especially if it includes our family’s pets!

Family of four getting their pictures taken in the city of St. Augustine, Florida.
Family Pictures in St. Augustine, Florida

When you have a session with Ashley Ammons Photography, will provide you with the opportunity to have all of your images professionally printed for you!

Because this is so important to me, I ensure that these are the highest quality to ensure your photographs will last!

So what do you say? Let’s get those sessions printed or make an album!


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  1. Jan Young says:

    What a wonderful time we all had with Ashley! My husband, daughter, son in law and grandchildren scheduled a photography session with Ashley. Her suggestion was to meet around 7:00 pm so the sun would be in a better place to capture the perfect photos! Mission accomplished! Ashley was so patient, professional and took wonderful photos. We all recommend her highly! THANKS ASHLEY!!

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