A Virginia Family Photographer’s Why

September 23, 2021

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Here is a look into a Virginia Family Photographer’s Why.

Have you ever been asked why you make decisions that you do?

Maybe your family members and friends talk to you about why did you choose to go into the field you are in? Or maybe what your purpose was when you decided to become a mom.

It all comes down to that one concept: WHY

In the realm of my photography education, I ask all my students what is their purpose is!

We discuss what is their reason for turning a dream or a passion of theirs into a business and what keeps them motivated. I am always so interested to see what lit the fire in them to pursue this field.

Understanding reasoning is so important because if you don’t have that, you will lose the spark quickly.


In short, it’s my son, Noah. Of course, most moms will say their kids right?

Well, let me explain because it is important to me…

I am a single mom.

Now, I don’t say that for sympathy or to give an excuse. I say it because it is true! It is really just me and him. I have him the majority of the time so he learns a lot through me. I have had so many obstacles thrown in my way that would have made it a lot easier for me to throw in the towel!

It’s HARD to create, grow, and maintain a business!

But my why is bigger.

My why is more than just Noah himself.

I want to show him that no matter what circumstances you are in or the obstacles that life throws in your way, it’s important to have the persistence to achieve the things you want. He should be able to look at me at the end of the day and see how I may have fallen 9 times, but I got back up and continued 10.

My goal is for him to experience that God is bigger than your situation.

He is the reason I keep pushing forward and he is the reason why I had such a strong desire to show other moms how I do it and encourage them to do it as well.

So yes, I love taking creating gorgeous images with your families! It means so much watching you love and play with your kids, it truly is my passion! But why I will always get up and keep going is because I am teaching my son it’s okay to dream big and work hard.

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I hope this dive into a Virginia Beach Family Photographer’s Why was helpful.

My challenge to you is to find your WHY! I promise your life will have more purpose when you discover it!

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