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The KEY to Defusing Stressful Family Photo Sessions

January 24, 2022

Tips for moms for your next session
Prepping your kids for your session
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Defusing Stressful Photo Sessions is the key to getting the best pictures.

As a Family Photographer based out of Florida, I am no stranger to stressed and moody kiddos! Whether you’re a photographer that has found this blog or a Mom, family sessions can be stressful… I get it! I am a proclaimed professional at diffusing stressful family photo sessions!

Moms, we have to be the ones to plan the day, find the outfits, make sure the kids are happy and fed, make sure Dad is on board for family pictures, then get ourselves ready so we hopefully love the way we look.

Photographers, we have to make sure we get those beautiful images the Mom is craving and keep the kids happy! It can be a lot on everyone!

So the last thing we want is to have a stressful family session because people wear their emotions on their faces and that is one thing we can’t edit out 😂.

Diffusing Stressful Family Photo Sessions


Well, here is the deal!

I encourage all my families to just enjoy being with your family. I will never stop reminding you to enjoy the season of life your kids are in. Embrace the chaos. Play with your kids. Have FUN! These moments are going to fly by.


As photographers, it is our job to help the parents by diffusing stressful family photo sessions.

Well, when I see a mom is getting stressed about her session- whether it’s before, during, or after- I let her know the story of my favorite family session I had with my son.

I had recently separated from my husband at the time, and Noah was almost 3 years old. It was a tough time and all I wanted was a perfectly posed session to capture this new season of life for both of us.

When we got to the location, all my son wanted to do was throw sand. He wasn’t happy when I held him, he refused to sit still, and he just wanted to run and throw sand.

At the time, I was so upset. I cried on the way home thinking how there’s no way we got anything that I would love. When I got the images back I realized the photographer captured us in this season of life, exactly what I wanted.

She captured his giggle, his curiosity, and every part I love about him at that age.

They are my favorite pictures because now- he doesn’t show his personality as much in photos because he’s 10 and wants to just stand there and smile (CHECK HIM OUT). I miss the 3-year old that giggled so loud while jumping and throwing sand! It was so frustrating at the time, but I’m so thankful to have that shot printed on a canvas in my office.

I remind parents, it’s okay not to be perfect because no family is! One day they will look back and miss this season so fully embrace it. Enjoy the moments!

Diffusing Stressful Family Photo Sessions

Did you find this blog helpful? LET ME KNOW. Don’t forget to check out my previous blog: A Florida Family Photographer’s Why.

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