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3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Family Photographer

February 15, 2022

Tips for moms for your next session
Prepping your kids for your session
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Knowing and understanding specifics before hiring a family photographer could really make or break your session!

Make sure to keep reading in order to learn the 3 QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE ASKING.

#1: What is their experience with kids?

If they haven’t already shown on their social media or website what a session would look like, ask!

Not every photographer has patience or will to be what your child needs to get the smiles! Make sure the photographer you hire fits your children’s needs. If your child has any disabilities, it’s okay to ask what their experience is!

#2: How Do They Prep Their Families Before The Session?

Not all photographers work with their clients on a wardrobe or get to know the family before a session. If that is important to you — ask when you inquire what the process looks like before the session!

Many photographers these days will provide a style guide or some information to help, but not all do!

Also when photographers get to know their families a bit before the session and they are comfortable with one another, it can make a huge difference in the final product!

If you need outfit suggestions after hiring your family photographer, check out my previous blog post here!

Bonus: You can read about how I recommend preparing your little ones for a session here!

#3: Do You Like Their Posing And Editing Style?

This one you can really tell with someone’s portfolio work, but make sure you hire a photographer that has a similar style to yours!

If you want light, bright, and timeless images then I’m your girl!! But I would never shoot in a darker or moodier edit because that’s not me and my style. I also will grab some posed shots, but most will be fun candid moments with your family!

All important things to consider before hiring a family photographer.

In the end, picking a family photographer that you mesh and vibe with is most important. Finding someone who clicks with you and your kids can make a huge difference in your session.

Located in Virginia Beach, VA! If you would like to know if we will work well together, let’s chat!

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