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3 Website Must-Haves & Our Secret to Standing Out!

June 8, 2023

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Have you ever scrolled through your own website and been unimpressed? It’s not bad, it’s just… blah. It shows off a few of your favorite shots, and it mentions some important info, but it doesn’t capture the magic you feel when you show up for an incredible photo session – or the magic your clients feel when they leave one.

If you feel like this, great news: you’re not the only one. I talk to photographers who love their jobs and their portfolios all the time… and lots of them still feel like their website misses the mark. And while we’re sharing great news, I have even more: this is totally fixable. 

If your site doesn’t seem to flow, it might be time to call in reinforcements. There are lots of fantastic web designers and copywriters out there (some of them even specialize in helping photographers!). If you’re ready to invest in a site that feels like you, this is a great option. Even if you’re on a tight budget, don’t despair – there are some incredible website templates out there these days! Many of them offer tons of customizations so that you can tweak colors, content, and layout. When it’s all said and done, you won’t feel like you have a “cookie-cutter” site. 

Here’s my real secret, though: whether you invest in outside help or tweak a template, keep it simple and minimal or share your whole heart on the page… that’s all up to you. The key to a great website isn’t only about what info you include or what style you choose. There are three attributes EVERY website should have, and they’re easier to implement than you think. 

3 Website Must-Haves


Whether your site is edgy or sweet, minimal or colorful, witty or soothing, sleek or fun, every piece of your website should fit together perfectly. We’ve all been on websites that feel disjointed – and it’s a really confusing experience. Want your site visitors to turn into clients? Give them a consistent experience. Here’s how: 

  • Use consistent branding. If you don’t already have a brand (logo, brand colors, typefaces), now is a great time to invest in one. It gives your entire website (along with your emails, social media profiles, and any other materials you use in your photography business) a cohesive feel. It makes you recognizable to potential clients, too! When your brand is consistent, people can pick you out in a crowd – and that’s a really good thing. Bonus tip: make sure your brand colors and style match your photography style. If you shoot in warm, golden hour tones, a pastel blue logo is not going to fit. 
  • Lock in your brand voice. I truly believe your website should sound like you! You’re not trying to write the perfect photography pitch; you’re trying to show people who you are and what it’d be like to step in front of your camera. Infuse some personality into your website copy! (This is true for social media and email marketing, too.)
  • Audit your portfolio. Your portfolio is your number one selling tool as a photographer. Check-in on it often! Make sure you choose photos that will have your audience saying, “I need to book my session NOW!” To do this, choose a variety of shots (portraits, poses, candids) that show off your photography skill and style. 


Your website is a perfect place to get creative and fun — but in the process, it can be easy to leave out some essentials. As you create or edit your website, make sure you prominently feature your location and mention what type of photographer you are! That might sound crazy, but you really wouldn’t believe how many sites I’ve seen that don’t mention these things (or they’re buried somewhere in an About section). 

When it comes to navigation, keep it simple. An easy-to-read menu should exist on every page, helping potential clients know exactly where to click. Make it easy for them to contact you, read FAQs, and see your work! Unique websites definitely have their place, but creative design should never beat out ease and functionality. 

Lastly, keep your text (commonly called copy) informative and to the point. As I mentioned above, it’s great to showcase your personality in the words on your website. However, it’s not great to make visitors scroll through a wall of text or share your entire life story. 

Having trouble nailing down your voice or figuring out which pieces of information are essential? Hire a copywriter! You are a great photographer – you don’t have to be a great writer, too. Find a way to tell your story simply and invite clients to be a part of it. Whether you do that alone or with help, it’ll give your business a boost. 


Want to know my least favorite kind of websites? The kinds that are doing too much. When your website design feels busy and chaotic, it’s hard for potential clients to even find the information they’re looking for — which makes them less likely to reach out to book you when they do! Here are two tips for simplifying your site: 

  • Keep animation to a minimum. It’s great to incorporate a few fun design elements, but don’t go overboard. We’re aiming for quality, not quantity. 
  • Check your spacing. “White space” is not your enemy. Don’t crowd! Give your readers some breathing room between sections of text or photos. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to see when our own websites are doing too much. We just have so many things we want to say and share! That’s not a bad thing, but calling in some reinforcements can help your website shine. Ask a few trusted family members or friends who are not photographers to take a look at your site. Does anything feel “too busy” to them? Can they clearly understand what you do, where you’re located, and who you take photos for? 


So, your website is cohesive — all the elements work perfectly together. Your site is straightforward, giving potential clients all the information they need. And your design is simple, keeping your brand and your work front and center. But there are so many websites out there. How can you truly stand out in the crowd, getting your dream clients to click “book now”? 

a mom and her two girls play in the water at the beach

Here’s the secret: people don’t just want good information. They want a good story.

Instead of highlighting what you do and where you do it, share your why. Let your passion for photography show up in your website copy. There’s nothing more appealing than someone who genuinely loves their work! If you can master the art of telling your story, people will line up to work with you. 

While you’re at it, tell your client’s stories. When website visitors (or email subscribers or social media followers) see a story that resonates with them, they’ll be inclined to capture their own. People like to make personal connections, so connect with them through the stories of your sessions! 

If you got caught in the rain and captured a series of laughing candids, share about how this family found the bright side even in a literal storm. Or maybe you’re in a session with a single mom, share about the moment when her son told you she was his hero. Or your newborn shoot had a precious moment with dad, tell your audience what happened. If your clients were constantly cracking jokes and bringing joy, share how that made you feel from behind the lens! 

Of course, if you plan to share a story about your clients’ personal lives, get their permission first! But you don’t have to dive deep to share meaningful moments. Even quick little story vignettes go a LONG way. We all love a good story, so don’t be afraid to share them — and watch new clients get excited for you to tell theirs, too. 

3 website must-haves for family photographers

Ready to audit your website to make it truly shine? Whether it’s time for a rebrand or you just need to make a few quick tweaks, I hope you have some valuable tools in your pocket to take your photography website to the next level. And don’t forget, I have tons of free resources available for you, from marketing must-haves to my most recommended gear!

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